• Trust And Software Engineering

    Software engineers have unique skill sets and expertise that actually makes them the real 1%. As long as the trust we place in them to not screw us over is not seriously breached, nothing will happen. Should more trust issues come up, tough, the software system will collapse. Software is such an integral part of who we are and where we are as a global society, we can’t imagine it not working or not existing anymore.

  • LaTeX in combination with MultiMarkdown

    One markup language not enough for you? My suggestion: Mix those suckers up. This post details how you can use the inherent power of LaTeX with an easier, cleaner markup languaged called MultiMarkdown (MMD)

  • Things To Know And Consider Before Using LaTeX

    So you want to learn and use LaTeX for your writing? Here's my advice: Don’t be a moron and go into this LaTeX thing spearheaded. LaTeX is great but it does need some learning. If you read this post and follow up on some of the links I provide you should be on the right track.