• Should everything be for sale?

    Should there be a market for everything? Or are there limits to what we can and should sell? This article looks at the objection from corruption by Michael Sandel. Sandel argues that some goods are corrupted if we start to sell them. I'll argue, that however much I'd like Sandel to be wright, that market goods are not corrupted when they are for sale.

  • Bias In Personalization Algorithms

    At least some parts of our lives are guided by personalization algorithms. Google does it, Facebook does it, Twitter does it. The question is how biased those algorithms are. This article examines how an algorithmic system can show bias and how bias is introduced into such a system.

  • On Owning Software Enabled Hardware Devices

    Did you ever look at your smartphone and wonder whether it does really belong to you? If you have, this article tries to examine exactly that question. If I own a device with software on it that is controlled by other entities, am I really the owner of the device? If you've never wondered, you should start wondering and this article will tell you why.

  • The Distribution Of Software Rights

    How are software rights distributed between user and developer? In understanding the distribution of rights of a certain piece of software we gain valuable insights into who owns that software. Guided by the question as to who specifically own Free and Open Source Software, this philosophical paper examines how and to whom the rights of ownership are distributed to for software licenses that are either Free or Open Source.

  • Comics on your iPad

    If you've ever been looking for a guide on how and where and what and why to read digital comics on your iPad, stop searching! You have found it. This article will tell you everything (or at least enough to get you started) you need to know about reading comics on your iOS devices.